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Sand & soda blasting


Like all painting procedures the first step is preparation. Powder Coating relies on a clean surface free of rust and impurities to get the best possible finish. All jobs are subjected to some sort of surface preparation, whether that be cleaning and sanding or abrasive blasting.


Here at Advanced Powder coating we have several methods of cleaning/ preparing your items for powder coating.


Chemical Acid dipping


For items that require a chemical treatment we utilize large tanks that we submerge items into and let sit until the substrate is free of all paint and is ready for powder coating.


Aluminium Phosphate treatment


All raw aluminium extrusions require to be chemically treated prior to powder coating. The process of Phosphating keys the aluminium and removes any foreign oils on the substrate. This is most important to ensure the longevity of the powder coating especially on items that are being fitted with glass or seals as it may be very difficult to rectify if the powder coating fails.


chemical hand stripping


Some items maybe too delicate for sand blasting so for these items we hand strip the item using gel strippers, hand sanders and linishers to finish the item and prepare it for powder coating.


We are happy to discuss the best possible option for you and your item. Remember Preparation is the Key to a quality long lasting finish.



Power Coating Application


Powder Coating is a process where a dry powder consisting of a solvent free dry mix of plastic resins, pigment and fillers are sprayed onto the surface of an item. The powder is electrostatically charged so that it holds to the item. The item is then placed in an oven and heated which causes a chemical reaction so that the powder melts and fuses together to create a smooth and highly durable finish. This process is the most durable finish on the market is and used in most industries. Our powder coating processes is applied using the most recent technology on the market and we only use the quality brands of powder to ensure that the finish is as good as possible.


wet paint and epoxy painting


Along with our Powder coating we also provide wet paint and epoxy painting for jobs that require this specific paint spec. We can paint all spec's of epoxy paint. For items that require only to be sand blasted we finish the item in an Automotive grade etch primer to seal the item and avoid flash rusting.