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Advanced Powder Coating is a Dulux Accredited Powder Coater which has been established for 15 years so you can feel confident that your project will be powder coated by  some of the most credible and experienced powder coaters in Sydney. We offer the Dulux warranty with professional sand blasting and powder coating services from powder coating wheels to architectural powder coating and unique powder coating projects.


With our thorough sand blasting preparation and powder coating finishes, we have  maintained a reputation for being the best Quality  Powder Coater in Sydney.


We are  industry experts in providing exceptionally high quality powder coating finishes and industrial coating applications. Our high standard starts with our strong belief in quality control at every stage of the preparation and powder coating process. Our selection of quality powders means that we only use the best powder  coat brands such as Dulux Powders, Jotun Powders and Interpon Powders. For an extensive variety of powder coat colours, we also use  Oxytech Powders and Prismatic Powders. 


Our in house sand blasting and powder coating facilities provide you with a one stop shop saving you time and money. Our large facilities can sand blast and powder coat steel and aluminium up to 10 metres in length, making it ideal for industrial, automotive and development projects.


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