What is Powder Coating? The powder coating process uses a solvent free dry mix of plastic resins, pigments and fillers that melt and fuse together when heated. The solid particles of coating are electro -statically charged in a spray gun and carried by low velocity air to the surface of the piece to be coated. The electrostatic charge holds the powder particles in place while the part is cured in a 400-degree oven. The heat of the oven causes a chemical reaction to occur and the powder to cure, creating a highly durable finish.
How durable is Powder Coating? Powder Coatings resist cracking and peeling and are extremely abrasion, corrosion and chemical resistant. The performance characteristics of powder coating match or exceed the characteristics achieved from conventional solvent-based coatings.
Why do items need to be sand blasted prior to powder coating? All items need to be clean and rust free prior to any form of painting. The Powder coating process requires the powder to be applied to bare steel or aluminum so in most cases the item requires some form of blasting or chemical cleaning prior to applying the powder coat. For best results, a sand blasted textured finish is much better than a chemical treatment.
What is our turn around time? Most jobs depending on the size of the job are turned over between 2 - 3 days. Standard colours such as black, white,grey and safety yellow are done on a daily basis .At times, it may be possible to have your  items processed during the same day depending on our work load. For urgent jobs, we have a Gold Service which is a 24HR turn around. Please contact us to discuss how we can best accomodate your deadlines.