Guide To Colour selection

All powder coating colors and textured colors can be applied to steel, aluminium, stainless etc and can be used for both internal and external applications.


Differences between Powder coating colors & Products


Solid colors- Most colors are what we call "solid" colors this term simply means that the color is not transparent, does not need a base coat or a clear coat.


Metalic colors- Metalic colors have what we call a "flake" mixed into the color. Usually the metalic flake is silver. These colors have clear UV protection built into the color and do not require a clear coat.


Candy & Dormant Colors- These colors are what we call "transparent" colors. These colors are the hardest to coat and most expensive to coat as they require a 3 stage coating application 1.base coat, 2.candy color 3.Clear coat. The range of colors is limited but are very unique.


Wrinkle & Textured Finish- These are what we call a "hammertone" effect. They are slicon based colors which give a wrinkle or heavy textured finish when applied. Similar to the wet based hammertone products this type of powder coating is very unique. The range is limited but has enough to suit most needs.


Zinc Primers & Epoxy Primers- Depending on the job primers can be used to fill minor imperfections in steel/aluminium etc due to their high build properties. These primers are also used to protect the item from the eliments. Items that are close to sea water or are exposed to the eliments would be highly recommened to use a primer to ensure longivity of the powder coat.


For further information on what application is best for your project please give us a call to speak with a powder coating expert.